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Sacramento Internet Marketing, Ripe for Local Businesses

“I don’t need Internet Marketing I only work in Sacramento, or the local area.” As a Sacramento Internet Marketing Consultant I have heard this, and many other similar phrases from local area business owners.  Many of these business owners feel allocating their time, energy, and money online will not be effective. “WWW” does stand for the “World Wide Web”, so this makes sense, right?

Unfortunately many local Sacramento businesses are missing a huge opportunity for effective Sacramento Marketing.  Having a strong web presence is critical for local businesses looking to grown in today’s world.  What was once thought to be important only for national companies and people looking to draw a large audience is now more crucial for the very survival of small and mid size businesses.

Why is Sacramento Internet Marketing so important?  Recent statistics done by Nielson Online included the following question, “When purchasing a product or service from a alocal business which of the following would you look to for information?” 74% or respondents said they “Use Search Engines”.  These are people who are going to use a local business but are going to the internet for their information. Not being there you could be missing the boat of your success.

In Fact according to data from TMP Directional Marketing, “60% of all local business searches now happen online”. It does not take a mathematician to see if youa re not visible online when people are looking for exactly what you offer. You are missing out.  Over half of your potential new customers out there are looking online first.  Local business owners should ask themselves, “How many new leads and new customers are you currently getting from these online searchers?”

There are various internet Marketing Strategies and methods for people and businesses at any price range or stage of operation.  Moving forward we will discuss Sacramento Internet Marketing Strategy.  This will include Free Internet Marketing methods such as Sacramento Social Media, Sacramento PPC Marketing, Sacramento SEO, and more. We will also include how to market to specific cities, like Roseville Internet Marketing, how to use a target radius or market to a geographical area online.

For those who already have as much business as they can handle this information may not matter, however for the rest of us Sacramento internet Marketing is a great opportunity that we should take advantage of, and certainly should be a part of our Sacramento Marketing Strategy.

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